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Waterproof Wireless BBQ Thermometer

Waterproof Wireless BBQ Thermometer

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Main Features

🔸100ft Range Model

100% WIRE-FREE, ideal for outdoor cooking. It has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet in an open area (without any obstructions). The FREE app, Grill ProbeE, is available for iOS and Android smartphones and allows you to monitor your cooking.

🔸Dual temperature sensors

can monitor both internal meat temperature and external stove/oven temperature at the same time.

🔸Fast charging

It only takes about 5 minutes to charge and can be used for 6 hours!

🔸Guided Cook System

This system guides you through every step of the cooking process to ensure perfect and consistent results. Custom alerts/notifications can also be set up based on temperature and/or time.

🔸Advanced Estimator Algorithm

Can estimate how long it will take to cook and rest your food to assist you in planning your meal and managing your time.

🔸Expandable to 3 Additional Probes

The APP can monitor 4 probes simultaneously.




How to Use

1. Get the FREE Grill ProbeE app, which is available for both iOS and Android.


2. Before using, charge the probe for roughly an hour (for greater performance). Typically, 10 minutes of charging leads to 5.5 hours of labor.

Now Start Cooking

3. Place the probe against the flesh. Please remember that the insertion depth must be more than the indicated safe line.


4. Open the app on your smartphone, then click "search" in the top right corner of the screen. (Note: Finding the probe doesn't need visiting the phone's Bluetooth page.)

5. Set the temperature now to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Additionally, you have the option of setting the alarm to ring, vibrate, or both.

6. BBQ Mode Settings:  Recipe, Cook Degree, Timer, Temperature.


7. Alarm System: Barbecue Alarm, Bluetooth Disconnection Alarm.

BBQ ALARM: The smartphone will alert you to stop the process when the meal reaches the predetermined temperature.

A message will be sent to you as soon as your Bluetooth device is disconnected to prompt you to reconnect it.

8. It is NOT necessary to use the sealing cap: We upgraded it to a new waterproof model. As a result, the package no longer has a cap. You can clean it right away.

Thermometer Types -

1.  The MeatChamp model, the most popular of our thermometers, comes in the standard box. (33ft/waterproof)

2. The Airprobe variant charges by battery rather than USB and has a larger Bluetooth range. (100ft/waterproof)

3. Meatchamp and model are based on the Airprobe model. It also has a more stable Bluetooth connection and a better waterproof function. It is the best option for gifts.

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