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Knife Kitchen Holder Block

Knife Kitchen Holder Block

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Handy multipurpose kitchen knife holder.
It is appropriate for a 3.5" to 9" kitchen knife. Utility Knives for Boning Bread, Filleting Steak, Slicing Vegetables, Serving Cake, and Santoku.
Two, three, five, and six-piece chef knives may be made of ceramic, stainless steel, Damascus, or another material.

Essentials for the Kitchen

This universal knife block can hold any knife up to 8.10 inches in length with any blade shape, as well as kitchen shears or a sharpening rod.

Brilliant Design and Superior Quality

The extra-thick stainless steel metal is sturdy and durable for heavy-duty daily use!

Knives Protected by Parallel Design

The parallel slots separate the blades so that they do not come into contact with each other, and there is no risk of scratching the knife edges in the block.

Moisture-Resistant and Non-Slip Bottom

This universal knife block has a removable bottom with a drain hole for easy cleaning and draining of water. Anti-slip feet increase stability when pulling out the knife and prevent scratches on the counter.

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