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Diamond Sharpening Stone

Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Our Diamond Whetstone Knives Sharpener is more durable and easier to maintain than whetstones because it does not produce pits and does not need to be flattened.


3 Types of Blades: Our Knives Sharpener Diamond Stone has 3 types of blades of 400/600/1200 Grit to choose from, which can meet the needs of rough grinding and ultra-fine grinding.

Anti-Slip Design

The backside of our Diamond Whetstone Knives Sharpener adopts a grainy anti-slip design, which can efficiently and safely carry out the knife's grinding work.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The steel plate of our Knives Sharpener is precisely processed and electroplated with single crystal diamond, and the service life is far longer than that of similar products.

Wide Range of Uses

Our Diamond Stones Knives Sharpener can be used for various knives, such as scissors, kitchen knives, and other woodworking tools such as chisels and planer blades.

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